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Holly Hobbie Knickerbocker

While searching through eBay for an unrelated item, I accidentally found an auction for the 1970’s rag doll, Holly Hobbie.  The doll had seemed oddly familiar to me (doubted my own memory at first).  Then it hit me!  I did own a 9″ version of this doll when I was little.  It’s sad that I had so easily forgotten about her, especially since I carried this doll everywhere with me.  I wish my mother had kept at least a couple of toys from my childhood.  I don’t even want to ask since My Little Pony (Glory) and Holly probably had the same fate, that is, to become someone else’s dolls.  I’m trying to console myself that it went to a good cause of bringing happiness to another child.  I may be too old to care but my inner-child can’t help it because they were a part of my life and somehow helped shape who I have become.  Upon doing further research, I’ve uncovered a whole Holly Hobbie world (including dolls I did not own)…

P.S. I also found a terrific website (if you happen to be a collector/enthusiast).  It’s “Karen’s Holly Hobbie World.”  I’m not sure if anyone can help me identify the mother-like doll in the center picture?  I’m assuming for now that it’s supposed to be Holly’s mom or a counterfeit Holly Hobbie doll???  I would love to know!  Please comment below.

P.P.S.  The last picture below is of me as a little girl.  Thought it would be fitting to include this.  I wish I had a picture of me with my Holly Hobbie but alas I don’t =(.

*Photocredit: Various eBay sellers

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