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Orofluido Review

First I’d like to say, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving =)…

I managed to snag a great deal on Orofluido at one of the recent sample sales.  You never know whether or not you will like a product by purchasing online without seeing it first.  I just decided to take a risk this time with their beauty elixir and it worked out well save that I wish I had purchased the shampoo and conditioner too.  I did a bit of searching and found some great deals on eBay.  I’ve tried the shampoo, hair mask, and elixir so far.  I really do like them a lot!  I noticed a big difference right away as soon as I started shampooing.  My hair became silky soft instantly!  This was not the typical product leaving your hair stripped and feeling plasticky during shampooing like many others.  Orofluido shampoo acted more like the best conditioner out there- which is absolutely amazing!  Also, I love the scent- a very sweet floral.  The hair mask did a great job, as did the elixir.  I usually use a wide-tooth comb after my shower to remove tangles.  There was barely any hair loss versus the usual for me (several strands).  The downside to Orofluido is that it’s normally very expensive (like Kerastase) and the bottles are only 6.7 fl.oz.  compared to the usual 8 fl.oz.  I would suggest waiting for a good deal if you would like to splurge a little.


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