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I recently visited Westport, Connecticut’s Terrain.  Ever since I heard about Terrain at Styler’s in Pennsylvania a few years back, I’ve been very curious.  Anyway, as a big fan of Anthropologie and an avid gardener, I’m IN LOVE because everything about it is absolutely charming!  The downside is that like its parent company, many items are pricey.

A year ago, I began my fascination with terrariums and was inspired by those at Terrain.  So here begins my adventures as a terrarium momma.  Alternanthera Thin Gold, Pilea Artillary Fern, Nertera Granadensis (Pin-Cushion plant), and Peperomia Glabella.  It hasn’t been easy so far; my plants all need TLC at this time.  The pin-cushion plant also had to be set aside from the rest of the terrarium.  The thing I love about terrariums is that it inspires my creativity as I’m planning the themes they will have as well as mindfulness when I care for my lovely little biospheres.  When maintained correctly, these ecospheres can nearly self-regulate.

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