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Scout & Honey: Our First Temporary Residents

We have 2 daily regulars (1 male ruby-throated “Scout” & 1 female ruby-throated “(Honey)suckle”).  First sighting of Spring 2014 was the last week of May 2014 when I put 1 nectar feeder up (my old Perky Pet for window-view).  Wish I could remember the exact date the feeder went up but the first day I ever spotted a hummer in my life was June 10, 2014 :)… not to say they haven’t been feeding for weeks previously in my area; probably I was just oblivious.  Since then, I’ve been much more vigilant and have learned quite a bit about our pair and hummers in general and better able to take good care of them.  It was funny how I learned of the female; it was only through our digital photographs.  Most of the time I saw their iridescent green backs and it looked like the same bird.  I also didn’t take into account their size difference and now I wonder how I could have missed this since Honey is much bigger than Scout.  The one time in the beginning of birdwatching, when I consciously looked, it was a male (ruby gorget & no white tip on tail) so I was overjoyed and shocked when I found out there was indeed a SHE!  Hoping to see offspring soon!  Not sure if they mated but I’m really hoping they did :).  You may see photos of them via the Flickr link below.   The attached picture is of another hummingbird.

*Photocredit: 57th. Street Incident on Flickr



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