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  1. Marzapan says:

    where can you buy this in pink??? i foud it in all of the other colors but in pink!!!! please respond!!!

  2. Dear Marzapan:

    I believe that Office Depot had stocked the Realspace® 10-Drawer Mobile Organizer in pink at one point. Not sure if they still do? I would check with them, or Google “Realspace® 10-Drawer Mobile Organizer pink,” or call Realspace for their other vendors/stockists. Hope you will find it!


  3. Grace says:

    I also been looking for this everywhere in pink and cant find it. Whats the official site for Realspace? or Would you happen to have their number? Please and thank you :)

  4. Hi Grace:

    I have a feeling Realspace is a brand produced by Office Depot themselves? I suggest you call Office Depot at 800.GO.DEPOT.


  5. maci says:

    i reallly want this in pink!!!! but ofice depot does not carry it in pink anymore!!! do you know where i can find it new!!!

  6. Hi Maci:

    Sorry I don’t, maybe try searching via Google or another search engine or even on eBay? Hope you find it.


  7. PhairenTalks says:

    Realspace® is a line under Office Depot. If all who are interested in this product gave customer feedback via Office Depot website and called (1-800-463-3768, ask for agent twice due to voice activation) to leave customer feed back this would raise the odds of Office Depot putting it back on the shelves. I’ve already called and left feedback on the website. I don’t want to settle for the boring black, grey and white 10 drawer organizer.

  8. Bjohnson says:

    I’ve looked absolutely freaking everywhere. Office depot, target, amazon, ebay, craigslist…. no one has pink anymore. Today office depot told me that they havent had it in pink since 2010 at the store I went to. Let’s all leave a message asking for it back!!!!!

  9. milothekat says:

    if I can’t get the pink 10-drawer cart at office depot where else made I buy one

  10. BigDougEboy says:

    ok I’m a little confused do you or don’t you ofter the pink 10 drawer cart it on your site

  11. Hi BDE, to clarify… sorry I’m not selling the pink 10 drawer cart or any of the other ones pictured in my blog post. I’m just letting you know what’s out there in terms of organization and hopefully inspire you with ideas.


  12. BigDougEboy says:

    well I can’t find one anywhere and I’m bummed about it office depot in utah don’t offer they anymore oh well I guess I have to live without

  13. Sally says:

    When did you purchase this? Is this item discontinued?

  14. Hi Sally:

    I purchased a similar cart from eBay a few years ago (with all white drawers). I believe similar carts are still available. I encourage you to search via Google or eBay even. Hope you find one that you will like. Thanks for writing.


  15. Neli says:

    I want to buy it to store my makeup and I can only find it in black and rainbow online but nowhere seems to sell it in pink.

  16. Hi Neli:

    I’m not sure if the pink one is made anymore. I had one in white but ended up donating it a few years ago. I also heard many people complain about the drawers sometimes coming off the tracks (which I experienced too). If you are looking for something similar but with the look of regular furniture, I recommend checking out Ikea or Home Decorators. They should both have online sites. I’m actually planning to do a post of both these places (actually potential makeup or craft storage products from these two places) so maybe you would want to check out my blog again in the very near future. I’m sorry that my response is maybe not what you have hoped for but I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll be happy with down the line. Thanks for your question.


  17. Here’s an update for all those who have written to me about the infamous pink ombre makeup cart… I have found something very similar on Michael’s Crafts for you:

    http://www.michaels.com/8-drawer-ombre-rolling-cart-recollections-pink/10434260.html (currently on sale as of March 19, 2016 for $31.99, down from $79.99)

    just in case you are still quite smitten with it. Many makeup gurus have gone the way of Ikea furniture but I wanted to post anyway. ~NYCupcake

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