Green Tea with Brown Rice

That’s my choice of drink to help me unwind at night. I really should make it a nightly ritual. The best aspects of green tea with brown rice… one can easily find it in Mrs. Greens or any well-stocked American supermarket, Hong Kong Supermarket, and I suspect Ten Ren Tea shops and this tea could be served cold or hot. If served cold, obviously allow the tea bag to steep a bit longer. You can actually leave the tea bag in for a long time and it will never get too strong. It has a mild flavor. Really really pleasant. Try it especially if you are open-minded to Asian teas. My manicurist (Ana) recommended this tea to me a few years ago. Green tea with brown rice, chair massager on, and my feet soaking in a gel pedicure… hmmm… therapy at its best… what more can a girl want?

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