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My Favorite Childhood Books

San Francisco Boy by Lois Lenski
A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madelaine L’Engle
Tenggren’s Golden Tales From The Arabian Nights

All of which I now have copies of; well, Tenggren’s book is on the way. Only one alludes me =(. I remember it was a lavender/pale lilac colored hardcover book and I think it was called The Valentine Day Party (something to that effect). My memory of it is a little sketchy since the last time I borrowed it from the library was more than twenty years ago. I’ve been trying to Google it, but to no avail =(. I even called my old elementary school in hopes to speak to the librarian, but the librarian never returned my call- maybe she thought I was a nut =}?.. I don’t even remember the author; only that I loved the illustrations enough to hog the book for weeks at a time. I think the illustrations were drawn by pencil and filled in with light or pale colors. I believe it was about a young girl who was trying to fit in; she was a very shy girl who was invited to a friend’s party? Any suggestions? Please contact me through the comments form. It would make me very happy to finally find it; to be re-united with a very special book from years ago =). Feel free to drop me a line about a favorite book of yours. My nephew is slowly accumulating books for his library (he’s not reading on his own yet but good books are forever treasures). I’m always wondering about what books have inspired others, what books have helped to shape a person’s life.

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