How It All Began (Anthro Addiction)

In 2000, I was working alongside a really nice co-worker named Sendy. My first Anthro present was a Christmas gift from her… a cute floral motif taper holder in candy blues and greens, accompanied by some Sephora eye makeup goodies =). Of course I had to go and take a look at the store (the one on Broadway in Soho, New York). Life has never been the same =). I cherish every chance I can get to visit. I have the occasional daydream that it’s like a scene from the movie, “Where The Heart Is,” in which I’m locked in over-night in the biggest Anthro store and I’m staying up trying on clothes, then doze in a comfy display bed like the one below =) haha… Their displays are just creatively brilliant, light-hearted, perfectly nostalgic. My favorite store is the location in Greenwich, Connecticut besides the flag ship store near Rockefeller Center. Now the baton is passed to another like-minded gal…..

*Photocredit: Katy Elliott

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