The Most Amazing Mascara & Cosmetic Palettes

I was online one day searching for limited edition holiday cosmetic kits (curious of what they are offering this year) and found the most amazing mascara from Tarte called 4 Day Stay Lash Stain. I’ve had it on since yesterday night- no smudging, clumping, flaking, irritation, and my lashes look perfect after a long soapy shower (not like the commitment of eyebrow tattoos). The tips of my lashes are still soft and curled even after all that! I highly recommend to give this a try at the least. I will post another update after the four days are up but for now, I’m certainly loving it. I also like Tarte’s Limited Edition Makeup kit- great long-lasting wear and generous sized color pans =). Two holidays ago I bought Sephora’s big color palette (very similar to the third item pictured and was a Christmas self-gift) and liked that as well even though the color pans were kind of tiny. I really enjoy playing with colors so I’m fairly easy to please as long as I have variety =). Typical Gemini, I guess?

Since I’m on the topic of cosmetic kits; why is it that only the duty free shops at airports sell the cutest kits e.g. travel kits by Guerlain or Christian Dior? Basically stuff that isn’t available to you when you are visiting their counters? I have to credit NARS for catching on and understands the needs of gals on the go. Also smaller palettes which offer a variety are better than full-size products for those who are as fickle as me. Cosmetic seasons… “too short of a season”…..before long new stuff comes out. Several years ago I read a wonderful book called Color Stories by Mary Lisa Gavenas. If you have some leisure time, do pick up a copy.

Wow, look at the time? Another day gone by. Goodnite everyone *yawn.*

Updated on 12/17/2008: Before I forget to mention it; after four days of wearing and showering with Tarte’s miracle mascara, everything still turned out perfect. I will definitely stand behind this product- it talks the talk and walks the walk!

*Photocredit: Amazon

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