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Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch is one of my most favorite accessories designers. A few years back, she introduced a collection, that was to me, “I want one of everything”-worthy. Her bespoke bags are really pretty and the highest quality and widest selection of bespoke I’ve ever seen. She is the brainchild of “I’m Not A Plastic Bag,” an “it” canvas tote of 2007 with equally cute sailor rope handles, supporting the green environment movement.

I’m so in love with her metallic leather coin cases with titles such as:

Twin/Double Pockets ($250): Spend/Save, Handbag/Shoe Fund, Wine/Dine, Love Letters/French Letters (which I’m mad because it seems to not be available anywhere in the U.S.- boo! Wasting money on overseas shipping is just crazy for a small item like this!), etc. The UK gals are very lucky. I will try to forget how badly I want it.
Loose Pockets (Mini & Single, $125-$145): Coffee Coins, Tickets, Tips, Therapy Fund, Sugar Rush Supply, Lunch Money, etc.

…..these are known to be staples of her collection.

Cool Gift Idea: A Starbucks GC stuffed inside one of these pretty Loose Pockets. That was actually one of my most treasured stocking stuffers from DH- a generous GC to Starbucks. I mostly spent it on Madeleine Cookies and White Chocolate Mochas with Whipped Cream ;).

The first pic illustrates my small collection of AH. It was great to be at the right place, right time when the best sale was going on! I’m pretty sure it was 50% and up. The multicolor weaved bag with horn-shaped handle is a Deux Lux from a store closing sale [good for me =), bad for them =(] can’t beat $27.00!

Here’s a look at Anya Hindmarch at her best–>

*Photocredit: Anya Hindmarch, LMA

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