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Mini Lush Haul Update, Part 1

I just received my mini haul today and felt let down by the products I ordered. Took quite a while to be delivered too =(. I really wanted to like the brand for their creativity and uniqueness. I am willing to give them a second chance but I’m going to visit an actual store before I decide to splurge a little. There are some products that I will not be repurchasing because their scents don’t appeal to me. I call this my Part 1 review because to be fair, I have only tried 1 of their products (Smitten hand cream) so a Part 2 will be written (after use review). Below are my initial scent impressions…

Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb: lightly sweet floral, okay scent, almost the size of a baseball

The Ex Factor Bath Bomb: sweet floral but not as floral as the fairy jasmine if that makes sense, okay scent, about 4.5 inches tall

*Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar: light white chocolate scent, like this scent, love the glitter =)

*Glitterbug Sparkle Bar: delicate fresh herbal scent, nice scent, love the glitter =)

Marzibain Bubble Bar: fresh outdoorsy scent like evergreen or newly cut grass?, okay scent

*I Should Coco: light orange citrus scent- creamsicle, nice scent

Smitten Hand Cream: mild chamomile scent, i barely smell almond =(. You will love this if you love a gentle natural scent.

Rock Star Soap: taffy scent, sorry but I also think it reminds me of pungent moth balls too =(

Trichomania Solid Shampoo: very mild scent, not sure if it really smells like coconuts

We’ll see… I’m going to be using a few of the products in a couple of minutes so I will write again soon. If the products are moisturizing and all that other good stuff, Lush products will have somewhat redeemed themselves. Remember, this is only my opinion and what I like or dislike may not be the same as for you, so I urge you to go to a Lush store if you have been wanting to try their products. I also believe that since many of their scents are so mild/gentle that guys can use some of Lush’s products without fear of smelling girly.

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