Pretty Dinnerware & Glasses

I love Horchow’s Fleur de Lis dinnerware! It’s accented with textural fleurs-de-lis, made in Portugal, handcrafted in soft tones of pale blue or cafe au lait, and dishwasher and microwave safe. I am still using my Sango Nova Brown set and like it very much, but I can’t deny the Horchow set is really pretty. I’m just fantasizing right now =}.

Another thing I admire is Tord Boontje’s drinking glasses. They are so beautiful. I think of them as art. While they are not dishwasher safe, I believe they are still worth it. I actually love washing dishes- it’s relaxing for me, so of course I would never mind washing these drinking glasses.

Below is a picture of my favorite bowl. It is the perfect size and is dishwasher & microwave safe. I use it so often I usually just handwash it so I don’t have to wait long to use it again (silly me) =}. I purchased it from Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center, NY. This is an example of one of those less guilty pleasures =)… I love it and use it often.

I also love Coaster Notz by Modern-Twist. They are really practical and pretty.

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