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Tend Skin to the Rescue!

After years of improper leg skincare, I’ve developed a number of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and very dry skin below my knees.  Last winter I realized that I needed a drastic change of regimen so as a trial remedy, I had a few waxings and meticulous tweezings done over a course of a few months and even tried spray tanning in preparation for the approaching summer.  I was mostly pleased with the spray tan too; however, due to my extremely dry skin, the color wasn’t as even as I would have liked.  I was recommended Tend Skin by an aethetician.  I really like the product.  I usually use it after my shower and on well towel-dried skin.  My legs show a good improvement so I will definitely continue using Tend Skin.  I’m currently also careful to only use the most moisturizing shaving cream I can find- I learned my lesson.  Just bought myself a refillable roll-on =).

*Photocredit: Tend Skin

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