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I am very disappointed to learn that the (October 5, 2008: Reading with X.J. Kennedy and Jean Valentine to mark the 40th anniversary of the Katonah Poetry Series 2-5 p.m. at the Harvey School, Katonah, New York) was canceled due to a lack of ticket sales =((. I was really looking forward to the reading and perhaps meeting X.J. Kennedy. I’ve been admiring his work for quite a while now and had the pleasure of hearing him read during my undergraduate graduation. I remember being kind of delirious telling people, “that’s X. J. Kennedy, that’s X.J. Kennedy…” I was shocked to learn of the cancellation because he is a well-known and well-respected published poet. This makes me concerned that our society is not providing enough support to the Arts; not attending the rich variety of amazing cultural events that we are so fortunate to still have at this time.

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