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The Miracle of Makeup Eraser

As promised, I am pleased to review the Makeup Eraser.  I’ve used both the full-sized and mini cloths for over a year and love this product.  I love them so much that I’ve given them as holiday stocking stuffers.  I normally wet the cloth with warm water and I proceed to removing my makeup.  I follow this step with placing small dollops of my favorite frothy face cleanser, moving the cloth around in circular motions.  This cloth has easily removed the most stubborn of makeup such as thick layers of mascara.  Any leftover face cleanser is rubbed into the cloth to remove any makeup residue, rinsed with water, and voila the cloth is fully clean once more ready for next use.  It’s still thick and soft even after all this time.  Excess water is squeezed out, it’s laid flat, and dries quickly.  My skin feels refreshed and an added bonus of the area around my sink remaining dry receives a thumbs up from me.  The company regularly produces the Makeup Eraser in numerous colors and fun patterns so there’s something for everyone.  I highly recommend it.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

*Photo Credit: Makeup Eraser

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