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Fenty Skin by Rihanna

For the past week I’ve been trying Fenty Skin by Rihanna, specifically the Total Cleans’r, Fat Water, and Hydra Vizor.  While I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan aka “Navy”, I must admit I’m loving this trio as much as my long-standing beloved Origins routine.  My Fenty Skin Start’r Set was a Sephora gift as part of my online purchase.  I have combination sensitive skin with oiliness around the T-zone with discolorations in some areas like mild under eye darkness especially when I’m not well rested.  Keep in mind that it’s currently late winter where I am though it has been a temperate one when compared to previous years.  Here are my impressions of each of these products:

Total Cleans’r: I normally use two small drops on my Makeup Eraser.  On a tangential note, I love this makeup wipe/cloth and will share about my experience on the next post.  It becomes white and foamy spread along my Makeup Eraser and doesn’t have much of a scent.  I find that it does an excellent job cleaning my face without my skin feeling overly tight or dry.

Fat Water: I’m not sure about the name.  Maybe they were going more for Phat Water?  However, it’s a nice serum or thick water consistency that’s not quite gel with a mild scent, if even.  I love this more than Origins’ runny formula of Mega Mushroom Relief’s hydrating toner even though I love MMR as well.  As an aside, I might pour it into a misting bottle instead?  I follow Fat Water with Fenty Skin’s moisturizer.

Hydra Vizor: It’s a peachy pink light moisturizer with a scent similar to L’Occitane’s anti-aging line, Immortelle.  I don’t mind a pleasant sweet floral scent like this one but if you do, you might want to sample Hydra Vizor before purchasing or skip it if you are extremely scent sensitive.  Actually, since skincare can be an expensive investment, I’ll always suggest sampling anything at least a few times if you can before buying a full-size product.  Any extra dollops of moisturizer, I normally work into the tops of my dry hands.  I love Hydra Vizor because it reminds me of Immortelle and that it leaves my skin looking dewy, nicely moisturized without the heaviness that some moisturizers are known for :).

I was overall impressed by Fenty Skin because not all cosmetic lines, in this case Fenty Beauty, make great skin care but I can attest that Fenty Beauty does.  I am very particular with the skin care products I choose to use but highly recommend this set unless you have problematic skin which needs medicated products for better results.  I also love that the company wanted to make a product that was clean & earth conscious and that Rihanna seemingly uses her own products.  I’m not a fan of celebrities solely doing promotions and not actually using their own products.  Admittedly, I have to do further research on whether these products are vegan, cruelty-free, etc.  The range of prices for the full-sized bottles of all three aforementioned products do seem comparable to most brands, $26.00 to $38.00 USD.  Please see the attached photos.

*Photo Credit: Fenty Skin by Fenty Beauty


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