Serpui Marie Handbags

I was a very big fan of Serpui Marie Handbags in 2001. The first time I saw these handbags, they were being sold at Bloomingdales on 59th. Street. I will try to post up pictures of my Serpui Maries. Enjoy the pics below in the mean time.

*Reference: Coconut Trading

“Serpui Marie was born in São Paulo, Brazil and grew up in a rural town far from the big city. As a child growing up surrounded by fields of poppies and exotic flora, she occupied herself by roaming the grounds near her house collecting flowers to decorate straw bags that were used to transport fruits and vegetables from the local markets hence the seed of her future as a handbag designer was firmly planted and ready to grow.

She now runs her own atelier located in the romantic area, Vila Madalena, in São Paulo, and there each day overseeing even the most finite of detail to ensure the quality.

Now a 20-year veteran of the fashion industry, she has received rave response from fashion stylists and editors across New York, London, and Paris. Her appeal and original designs have captivated the likes of Madonna, Gisele Bunchen, Jennifer Aniston who are all devotees to Serpui’s designs.”

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