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Paper Bag Vases

I was going through a paper pile and found a catalog feature regarding paper bag vases. These handmade porcelain vases are by artist Michel Harvey. I tend to find smaller vases much more useful for my needs than bigger ones just because I like to buy a bouquet of a dozen blooms and split them among different rooms in my home. I’m trying to hold off on buying a bouquet of flowers until I reach my re-organization goals. It’s always good to appreciate little treats as an incentive/reward. If it was possible, I would love to have fresh flowers daily to weekly. My faves are roses and carnations. Usually I buy flowers from my local supermarkets when I’m food shopping. Sometimes I buy from florists, but no more than three times a year. Florists do carry more exotic varieties which I rarely see in the supermarkets; though at one point I was lucky enough to spot a big bouquet of relatively inexpensive (and gorgeous) Esperanza roses at a price club.


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