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Sophie Digard is a Scarf Lover’s Dream

Sophie Digard’s scarves and accessories are gorgeous! They are like art. There are very few places that carry her scarves, bags, and accessories… I don’t know why? For Sophie‘s fans, the stores in New York or online are:

Bloomingdales (Soho, NY, not sure if the flagship store on East 59th. Street carries them?)

Saks Fifth Avenue (Rockefeller Center NY)



*Great Stuff (Chappaqua, NY)
3 South Greeley Avenue
Chappaqua, NY 10514

(*) Means these are your best bets. I would definitely welcome comments regarding other locations- please don’t hesitate to send me a note. Thanks!

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  1. Lolly Davis says:

    Oh, I am a big fan–I ordered a Sophie Digard scarf from there last year (the “pop pastille” in ocean colors) that I just love, love, love.

  2. nycupcake says:

    All her creations are truly stunning. They go well with many things, but I think my favorite look is with a fitted solid black sweater underneath and skinny pants with the bottoms tucked into tall leather boots. Thanks for writing =).

  3. raema friedman says:

    ‘hello i am visiting ny and would love to purchse sophie digard scarves for my daughters. i am near east 54 and maddison. where should i find some scarves.
    thank you regards raema friedman

  4. Hi Raema:

    I would suggest calling Bloomingdales to check if they still carry Digard’s scarves. I’m not sure if Saks, Bergdorf, Barneys, or Bendel would have any at this time? I mostly know of online boutiques which carry her scarves. was having a special recently. You may even check directly with Sophie Digard’s customer service via email if you have internet access. I suppose you could call them too but it would be an international call. Here’s the URL where you can get their contact info–> I hope you will find what you are looking for. Wow, SD scarves for your daughters! You are a wonderful mom =)!

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