On a Cold Winter’s Morning…

There are two things I cannot do without to begin the day right; a hearty breakfast and rejuvenating tea.   I am not much of a morning person but when I am fortunate enough to fit these things early into the day, it really doesn’t matter.  My nutritionist once said, a daily balanced diet should also look like an inverted triangle with breakfast being a bigger meal while dinner, a smaller one.  He was right.

I took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada this summer to attend my first Star Trek Convention (amazing!)  The hotel we stayed at served one of the most delicious teas I ever tasted; it was Organic Chamomile Blossoms by Tea Leaves.  With or without a sweetener, it’s superb!  It’s a great anytime drink with an added plus that chamomile has natural healing properties and is caffeine free.  I also love to end my day with a mug of it with a few pebbles of amber tea sugar thrown in.

So tea enthusiasts, add this delectable tea to your tea chest…

P.S. Makes a great gift…  I recently gave a few packets (tied with thick organza ribbon) and tins away as Christmas treats.

*Photocredit: Tea Leaves


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